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A Deliciously
Growing Brand

We began Research and Development on creating the world’s best cream liqueur in 2015. After two years of rigorous R&D and support from our fans we launched PFD Beverages on January 1st,2017. We sold the first bottle of Coco Sky on October 3rd, 2017. Coco Sky is distilled and bottled in the United States. Made with only fresh and 100% natural ingredients, it is low calorie, gluten free and all natural. Coco Sky is also the world’s only premium Gin based cream liqueur.

In less than 4 years we have sold over 100,000 bottles in eleven states. Coco Sky is an extremely diverse beverage, allowing our customers to use the product in many unique ways! It is currently available in CT, MD, DC, DE, NY, NJ, FL, GA, TX, CA Bahamas, and Trinidad. We are extremely thankful and grateful for our customers’ continued support and love. We are a small family / minority owned business whose ethos are grounded in honesty, sustainability and are constantly stiving to enhance the customer experience.

Grab your vacation in a bottle today!

Our Mission

Our Mission is to become a top spirit choice by consistently crafting a cream liqueur based on natural ingredients, healthier science, ethical sourcing, and exceptional taste.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to excite, surprise and change: excite with our all natural product; surprise with our healthier, excellent tasting, scientific recipe; and change the way cream liqueur is consumed.